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Some things in this world are ‘evergreen’. And I’m not just talking about evergreen trees. I’m talking about those little things in life that you suddenly remember one fine day, smile to yourself in amusement and be like ‘wow this is awesome.’

For some, it’s the Star Wars series, for others it’s the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, for me, it’s both, because I happen to be a sci-fi fan. Then there’s the series of Pokemon games and Monty Python. But evergreen things can also be personal, like that little shitty program you wrote years and years ago, but still smile at it because that’s where you started a journey.

This post isn’t about any of those.

Because I’m a grim little douche bag who likes adding a nice touch of finesse to my sarcasm-laden statements in my part-time job as a keyboard warrior, for me, Random Insults is an evergreen item. I tend to forget about it for months and months and suddenly I find myself back there again, spamming the F5 key. If you haven’t checked that site out yet, go do it.

The first time I found that site, I was beginning to get my hands properly on bash scripting. I was well-equipped with the command line tools that a general *nix OS provides you with but scripting using those wasn’t ever my cup of tea. I was a member of the glorious Python master race, still am. But basically, getting to the point, I ended up having to learn shell-scripting.

So obviously, one of the things I wrote back then was a really small bash script to grab insults from this beautiful site. Now, usually, I wouldn’t choose bash for this task but I went ahead and checked the source for that site. Thankfully, the insult was inside <i> tags enclosed under <strong> tags.

A little bit of thought and a sip of coffee later, I pretty much knew I could just curl it, grep for ‘strong’ to get the lines, and then use awk to parse out the insult by using <i> as a separator. So, I wrote up a script. And I found it today while scourging through my old files. Good ol’ memories.

Here’s the script. It still surprisingly works.

# insult.sh
# Prints insults, as many as the number specified
# as the first argument.

if [ $# -eq 0 ]
                echo "Please provide no. of insults as an argument."


while [ "$counter" -ne "$1" ]
               curl -silent http://randominsults.net | \
               grep strong | \
               awk -F"<i>" '{print $2}' | \
               awk -F"</i>" '{print $1}'

And here’s a little screenshot :3

Random Insults script

Now that I have found it again, I might actually set it up on Emacs as well so I can whip up elegant insults whenever I’m busy and I’m getting pestered by someone…but that’s unlikely because I have no friends :’(

I feel like I’m going to waste a lot of time on randominsults.net again. But anyway, that’s it for this post. Just reviving some old memories :3

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