Days 7 and 8 - Real life struggles meddling with #100DaysOfCode

Days 7 and 8 have been pretty double-edged. On one hand, the situation didn’t really allow me to study or code all that much. On the other hand, I still managed to study a bit and practice a few problems, so I guess there’s the silver lining.

I didn’t have power for 4 straight days in a row. It was just insane. Some sketchy bill payment mistake ended up with the electricity board here terminating my connection due to non-payment of bills. They sent an electrician to fix things up after the issue was cleared. And like how coders create more bugs while solving one, this guy they sent to fix my connection ended up making sure that I will have no signs of electricity for the next four days.

This happened last Saturday, which was Day 7. I went to a friend’s house instead to stay the night, so studying was difficult with too many people, too much noise and too many distractions because everyone was watching the Dota2 TI6 qualifiers. I spent the following day there as well, trying to mix studying and being social. There were like six people in the house, so not being social would be pretty awkward, and I’m usually awkward at social things.

I also skipped 2 days in a row after Day 8. I spent most of the day after Day 8 trying to get my power connection fixed, which didn’t happen, so I retired back to the friend’s house for the night. The next day, the friend had a flight to catch back to our home town, so I didn’t have a place to go to. I spent the evening, till midnight, in the darkness of my own flat, playing Piano Tiles and Exploding Kittens on my phone.

Luckily, power came back at around 1:30am today morning. But I decided to just start later today, which will be my Day 9, hopefully.

So if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not really gonna share much on this post other than the update that Days 7 and 8 were kinda not that great, and that I ended up skipping two days in a row after that.

Day 7 was almost exclusively about folding lists in Haskell. Haskell From First Principles has an exclusive chapter devoted to the topic of list folding, which is what I studied. The chapter is peppered with a lot of small exercises to help you understand folds better.

Day 8 was also very distracting and difficult to do any studying. So I just decided to do some elementary problem-solving using Haskell. I went to HackerRank’s Functional Programming section and finished almost 2 pages of basic problems or so. They were pretty easy, requiring me to basically recall things I’ve already learned from the Haskell book I’m using, and write up a solution. Easy but I feel like it’s been a good way to get some practice with Haskell at this point.

I feel like I’ll complete one section of learning when I reach the chapter on Testing in the book. As in, I will have completed the very bare language essentials for Haskell. The chapters after that are devoted to things like Monoids, Functors, Applicatives, Monads (!), Foldables, Traversables and so on. I consider all of those concepts to be slightly more intermediate/advanced than everything previously, so I’ve sort of made this mental checkpoint that up to the Testing chapter, I’ll have learned the basics of Haskell.

That’s it for this post. Hope everyone else is having better days. Maintaining streaks of coding days like these is pretty difficult, especially when the situation starts piling a lot of non-sense. However, we’re here to form a new habit and learn a lot of stuff along the way, so that probably won’t be enough to stop us. Good luck to everyone!

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